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Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment. Current Situation and Future Prospects.

The French doctor Henri François Le Dran was the first person to give a truly [...]


World Blood Donor Day will be celebrated on 14th June, as it is every year. [...]

ENAC accreditation Awarded to the laboratory Analiza in Zaragoza

The Analiza laboratory at HLA Clinic Montpellier has received accreditation in accordance with standard UNE-EN [...]

The Analiza laboratory at HLA Vistahermosa Hospital accredits its quality and technical competence.

The Analiza laboratory at HLA Vistahermosa Hospital has received accreditation in accordance with standard UNE-EN [...]


It is a zoonotic viral infection that is very rare in our part of the [...]

Type IV hypersensitivity and allergy to drugs: more common than is generally realized

Allergies are exaggerated immune response mechanisms in the body (hypersensitivity) to different environmental allergens: food, [...]


This year, the “HLA El Ángel” Hospital in Malaga has hosted the first “Analiza 2022” [...]

Analiza Scientific Conferences 2022

Analiza is celebrating the start of Scientific Conferences 2022 with the keynote speech “Update on SARS-CoV-2 [...]

Interview on ¿Qué me pasa doctor? (What’s wrong with me doc?) with the CEO Nuria Martín Gil to talk about diagnostic tests

The CEO of “Analiza”, Nuria Martín Gil, talks on “La Sexta” about the technological developments [...]

Analiza – Montpellier Laboratory 2021 academic excellence prizes awarded at Zaragoza’s Royal Academy of Medicine

The prize-giving, in recognition of the best doctoral thesis from the Medical Faculty in Zaragoza, [...]

“Analiza” participates in the 9th Race Against Cancer 2022

On 27 March, “Analiza” professionals participated in the 9th Race Against Cancer organised by the [...]

The solution to antibiotic resistance lies in joint, multidisciplinary work

The role of the microbiology laboratory is key, providing increasingly faster and more accurate diagnostics [...]

New ANALIZA sponsorship

This year Analiza expands its sponsorships to the South Getafe Women’s Football Team.   The [...]

IV Scientific Conference on Biomedicine

On 18th November 2021 at 17:00, at the Four Seasons hotel in Madrid, Analiza will [...]

Early diagnosis, the best ally against breast cancer

Early detection is a fundamental factor in survival. The age of peak incidence is above [...]