This year, the “HLA El Ángel” Hospital in Malaga has hosted the first “Analiza 2022” scientific conference at which Dr. Jose María Miró, an expert epidemiologist, has shared developments and latest news in relation to SARS-CoV-2-21 and has explained his vision regarding the new reality of the vaccines and infectious variants.


At the 17th Scientific Conference, Dr. Miró has addressed the conference about the progress of the treatments against COVID-19 and in relation to how the acceptance of the vaccines and the study of the variants has enabled us to better understand and control this virus.


Furthermore, he has also highlighted the importance that must be given to reliable medical news and not to false information, which has been frequent during the pandemic.


“Analiza” has once again demonstrated its collaboration for resolving this epidemic which is increasing under control, however that cannot yet be considered to be stabilised.


In addition to the medical director of the “HLA El Ángel” Hospital, Dr. Manuel Viola, the managing director of “Analiza”, Mrs Nuria Martín, and the medical director of “Analiza”, Dr. Antonio Ballesta, the conference has also been attended by important members of the scientific community of Malaga, such as Dr. Carlos Bautista, Councillor for Health and Family of the Regional Government of Andalusia and Dr. Pedro Navarro, Chairman of the Medical Association of Malaga, among others.



Video: SARS-CoV-2 Pandemia Año #3

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