Colon and rectal cancer prevention campaign.
The annual program began in 2016 with the objective of detecting precancerous lesions or cancer at an early stage, ensuring the correct diagnosis of the samples obtained.

Over the course of the editions, coverage has been increased for the target population which meets the participation criteria (age, previous tests, pre-existing colorectal pathology, family history, etc.).

Board of Trustees of the Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation
On 3 February 2017, the Board of Trustees of the Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation in the Community of Valencia was formally updated. One of the members is Mr Marcelo Weisz Brassay, representing Analiza.

The Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation in the Community of Valencia is a small non-profit organization, which came into existence in 2003 in response to the enormous affection that Mrs. Victoria Laporta had for Finca Buixcarró and her desire to reclaim it environmentally and conserve its habitats, species and traditional uses.

Panda Raid 2018: Analiza sponsors the delivery of school material in Morocco.
Analiza sponsors a team of two vehicles that, in addition to competing in this adventure, transport 40 kg. of school material to the rural heart of Morocco. The main objective of Panda Raid is adventure without too much technology, crossing the deserts of southern Morocco on board a Panda, without forgetting the solidarity which is our small contribution to school development in the region.