Type IV hypersensitivity and allergy to drugs: more common than is generally realized

Allergies are exaggerated immune response mechanisms in the body (hypersensitivity) to different environmental allergens: food, medicines, etc. More than 20% of the population suffers from some type of allergy.

Depending on the type of allergy, different diagnostic tests are administered.



A drug allergy involves an abnormal reaction by the immune system to it. All drugs can cause allergies, but there are certain medications that are more likely to do so.

The most common signs and symptoms of allergy to medicines are hives, rash and fever. Allergy to medicines can cause serious reactions affecting the whole body, and even life-threatening symptoms (anaphylaxis).


To determine whether one’s system reacts to certain medicines, there is the Cyto-LTT test.


Cyto-LTT is our test developed to identify drugs responsible for type IV and delayed hypersensitivities. It is more sensitive than the usual test, in which an allergen is affixed using a patch on the skin, or intradermal reaction, in which the allergen is injected into the dermis.


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