Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment. Current Situation and Future Prospects.

The French doctor Henri François Le Dran was the first person to give a truly complete description of the disease, between 1685 and 1770.

He defined how the cancer spreads from the breast to the lymph nodes under the armpit and, from there, to the rest of the body. He noted that when these lymph nodes are affected, prognosis is poor and, over two hundred years later, we are still working to improve health and prevent this disease.


On 22nd June, as part of the Science Conferences organised by Analiza, scientists and doctors will come together in the Conference Hall of the Cadiz Official Medical Association to talk about advances in diagnosis and the prospects for the not-too-distant future.


The event will be presented by Dr Antonio Amaya, from HLA Puerta del Sur hospital, and Ms Nuria Martín, Managing Director of Analiza.




Breast Cancer: From Oncological Surgery to Surgical Oncology.

Dr Augusto García Villanueva

Director of the Surgical Oncology Chair. ASISA-Alcalá de Henares University. Madrid. 


Contrast-Enhanced Mammography: Technique and Indications / Updates in Handling High-Risk Histological Injuries.

Dr Manuel Delgado

Breast Diagnosis Imaging. 12 de Octubre University Hospital.

Breast Diagnosis Imaging. HLA Moncloa University Hospital.


Dr Jorge Gómez

Diagnosis Imaging Manager – Analiza Madrid.


Advances in Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer.

Dr Irene Rodríguez

Medical Director of Molecular Pathology – Analiza Madrid.


Breast Cancer: Personalising Treatment.

Dr Rubén de Toro

Dr Silvia Silva Romeiro

Medical Oncology Service. HLA Puerta del Sur hospital. Jerez de la Frontera.

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