Interview on ¿Qué me pasa doctor? (What’s wrong with me doc?) with the CEO Nuria Martín Gil to talk about diagnostic tests

The CEO of “Analiza”, Nuria Martín Gil, talks on “La Sexta” about the technological developments of clinical analyses and the importance of the diagnostic procedures until a result is reached. Not merely providing a result, but rather taking into consideration the particulars of the patient in order to adapt the prescription and interpretation of the results.


“We actively promote precision medicine so as to adapt the treatments to the individual characteristics of the patient”




The diagnostic tools include a wide range of tests that help to establish a diagnosis, identify illnesses, implement a treatment or prevent the development of illnesses.


“Diagnostic tests constitute a fundamental tool in medicine, thanks to diagnostic testing in 80% of cases, a correct and accurate diagnosis is obtained for a pathology.”

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