Early diagnosis, the best ally against breast cancer

  • Early detection is a fundamental factor in survival.
  • The age of peak incidence is above 50 years old.
  • In Spain, more than 33,300 new breast cancers are diagnosed every year.


The international day against breast cancer seeks to make society aware of the importance of research and early diagnosis of this disease. The major mobilization of society with regard to breast cancer has been fundamental for significantly boosting research on this disease in the last 30 years. 

Breast cancer can’t be prevented; however, recent studies seem to demonstrate that the risk of suffering from breast cancer can be reduced by doing regular physical exercise, avoiding being overweight and obesity after the menopause and regular alcohol consumption.

“From the laboratory’s point of view, there’s currently no test which can determine the existence or absence of a malign tumour in the general population or in the earliest moments of its development. Once the diagnosis has been established, the Tumour Markers study can be useful for giving information about the extent of the disease, its clinical monitoring, the efficacy of applied treatment and the early diagnosis of recurrence of metastasis,” states Dr. Antonio M. Ballesta, Medical Director at Analiza.

On the other hand, Dr. Ballesta notes that “major developments in Molecular Biology, together with the advances in Diagnostic Radiology, allow the Clinical Laboratory and that of Pathological Anatomy to distinguish risk groups for suffering from cancer, in order to establish preventative measures. Furthermore, it permits the molecular classification of tumours according to the detection of specific molecular signatures, which will guide towards personalized treatment.

In recent years in the fight against the disease, self-examinations, the need to attend regular check-ups and monitoring though diagnostic tests such as the mammography and breast ultrasound have been encouraged, which, together with the advances derived from research, has allowed the survival rate to be increased by up to 90%.

Aware of the importance of early detection and regular check-ups, Analiza has activated new services aimed at prevention and early detection of breast cancer in the Madrid centre. The Analiza Principe de Vergara centre has a diagnostic imaging service focussed on women, with ultrasound and mammography services.

Dr. Jorge Gómez, Medical Director of the Diagnostic Imaging Division at Analiza, states: “Analiza is also part of a Breast Unit specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other associated pathologies, at the HLA Moncloa Hospital. This unit is equipped with the latest generation technology for diagnosing and treating the disease, with a 3D mammography tomosynthesis device, latest generation ultrasound and magnetic resonance (3 tesla MR) and with highly-qualified specialists in diagnostic radiology, exclusively dedicated to breast pathology”.

At this time, our team has also joined with the pink, wearing ribbons on their uniforms as a team and company commitment to the prevention and early detection of this disease.


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