Food Sensitivity: Key to Healthy Digestion

In the constant quest to improve our quality of life, understanding our own bodies is essential. Digestive problems, such as pain, bloating, and upset stomach, are often linked to our diets. AnalizA Laboratories, a leader in health analysis, offers an innovative solution to address these problems: the food sensitivity test.

With a comprehensive approach, this test analyzes more than 200 foods to detect the presence of potential triggers for digestive upset. The process not only identifies foods that could be contributing to symptoms, but also assesses sensitivity by measuring concentrations of IgG antibodies.


The elevated presence of IgG antibodies may indicate an immunological reaction to certain foods, signaling areas of sensitivity that could be adversely affecting gastrointestinal health. This advanced approach provides accurate and detailed information, making possible a personalized action plan to improve the quality of our health.

By understanding and addressing food sensitivities we can take concrete steps to adjust our diets, reduce symptoms, and significantly improve our quality of life. AnalizA Labs is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable people to take control of their wellbeing and lead healthier, more balanced lives.


For more information, contact the patient care department at [email protected], or call 914 29 75 41.


Autora Sara Cabas | dep. Coordinación

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