Analiza Revolutionizes Employee Benefits with the Launch of Bankinter Partner

On November 7 Analiza surprised its employees by announcing an exclusive benefit, the result of a strategic partnership with Bankinter. The new development, called Bankinter Partner, offers a variety of advantages and personalized financial services directly at the company.

Thanks to this innovative agreement between Bankinter and Analiza, employees now have an in-company bank that offers products featuring unique conditions, attention by a personalized manager, and an intuitive private area to facilitate all their transactions. This is an initiative that not only seeks to simplify the employees’ financial lives, but also to maximize their comfort and convenience.


The centerpiece of this new benefit is the annual distribution of 50% of the profits generated by the products contracted by each employee. This means that once a year each contributor will receive a significant portion of the profits earned through Bankinter Partner ― a financial incentive strengthening AnalizA’s commitment to valuing its talents.

By welcoming Bankinter Partner, Analiza builds on its commitment to providing its employees with the very best conditions. As part of this good news package, employees will have the opportunity to receive a €100 bonus just by opening a Payroll Account online, an added incentive to make the most of this new benefit.


In addition, Analiza highlights that this partnership with Bankinter is not limited to financial benefits, as the company now also its employees an exclusive page just for them, where they can carry out a series of operations, from opening accounts to scheduling consultations with bank professionals, all without the need to wait in in line or take numbers.

This initiative reflects not only an advance in Analiza’s benefit policies, but also an innovative vision in terms of the financial well-being of its employees. The company is reiterating its commitment to the satisfaction and development of its team, further fortifying its position as an employer that cares about its employees’ success and quality of life.

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Autor Andre Napoli | Dept. Personas y Cultura Analiza

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