Switzerland: ANALIZA activities in Switzerland: Have you heard of ADR-AC?


AnalizA Switzerland owns and operates ADR-AC a world-class laboratory specialized in immunology and allergology. Founded almost twenty years ago by Professor Pichler, a leading researcher in drug allergies and the discoverer of the p-i Concept, which explains the pharmacological interaction of drugs with immune receptors, ADR-AC has become the leader in this field of medicine.

Today, ADR-AC collaborates with allergists and immunologists at their medical offices, hospitals and universities in Switzerland and Europe. Its mission is to improve the management of allergic conditions through advanced cellular (BAT, CU-BAT, Cyto LTT) and in vitro serological testing (e.g., ImmunoCAP, ISAC, ELISA).


The extensive catalogue of ADR-AC tests is specifically designed to respond to allergic sensitizations, manifesting in both clinical symptoms of immediate hypersensitivity (e.g. urticaria, rhinitis, rash or anaphylaxis) and delayed-type hypersensitivity symptoms (e.g. maculopapular rash, AGEP, DRESS, SJS/TEN).

ADR-AC, in addition to clinical drug analysis, also offers specialized analyses of experimental and new drugs, as well as consulting services in the pharmaceutical industry. Their expertise in tailoring specific test panels is based on thousands of documented drug hypersensitivity reactions recorded in more than 250 scientific publications.


If you would like to find out more about the work of AnalizA Switzerland/ADR-AC, we have compiled videos in different languages where the main scientists on our team explain various aspects of the science behind our tests:

QUALLERGY meeting 2023 (Language: German)Link

EAACI DHM Conference 2023 (Language: English): Link

AGAIA Meeting 2022 (Languages: French, English): Link

ADR-AC Symposium 2022 (Language: English): Link


Autor Andre Napoli | Dept. Personas y Cultura Analiza


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