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Analiza conducts a test campaign to detect COVID-19 in Brazil

Through the Laboratorio Franceschi, Analiza is conducting a rapid test campaign to detect COVID-19 in the Brazilian region of Campinas.

This initiative, conducted according to the guidelines established by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, is carried out in collaboration with a shopping centre and without patients having to leave their vehicles (‘Drive Thru’).

Laura Franceschi Prado, manager of the laboratory, states that the model adopted for the tests offers great safety both for the health professionals and for the general public: “The test we are offering is the serological test for the detection of IGG and IGM antibodies. The great advantage is that the sample is taken from inside the car with total safety and comfort for the patient, the results of the tests being available on the same day the sample is taken”.










The agreement between the Franceschi laboratory and the Campinas shopping centre has had great impact in the media, both in the press and on television, as well as on social networks.

Franceschi laboratory started its activity in 1974 in the area of Campinas, 95 km away from Sao Paulo, with a population of 3.1 million. During its 45 years of existence it has become the leading laboratory in the region, thanks to the management of its founder Dr. Antonio de Padua Franceschi. It has 9 medical centres strategically distributed in Campinas and its region and conducts more than 130,000 tests per month. Franceschi Medicina Diagnóstica is accredited by the PALC (Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Programme) and by the SBPC / ML (Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology / Laboratory Medicine). In 2019, it was acquired by Analiza, Sociedad de Diagnóstico, and is proving to be one of the key elements in the company’s expansion plan.

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