Analiza bolsters international strategy with purchase of Swiss Lab ADR-AC

  • Adverse Drug Reactions Analysis & Consulting (ADR-AC) is benchmark laboratory specialised in drug hypersensitivity.
  • Key target for evaluation of potential drugs risk is early identification of medicines possibly causing serious immune-mediated adverse effects

With the purchase of the Swiss laboratory Adverse Drug Reactions Analysis & Consulting (ADR-AC), the medical company Analiza has bolstered its international expansion plan.

ADR-AC was created in 2006 by Prof Dr W.J. Pichler, graduate in Medicine specialising in Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology and Allergies from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. For thirty years he led the division of allergies and worked as a professor of clinical immunology at the University of Bern, having carried out more than 360 collaborations and reviews of articles for international journals that mainly deal with sensitivity to medicines and creation of the p-i concept, among others.

Dr Pichler was also the promoter and founder of “Allergy and Immunology Update”, a course which takes place annually in Switzerland, and the “Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting”, the most important world congress on hypersensitivity.

ADR-AC is based on a unique combination of clinical and experimental experience in the field of drug hypersensitivity focused on two aspects:

  • Routine diagnosis: performing various diagnostic tests for the clarification of drug allergies, as in the case of chronic urticaria.
  • Analysis and consultancy: providing analysis and consulting services for presumed drug-related allergic reactions to new drugs or medicines under development. It also provides advice on clinical evaluation and the possibility of approving or rejecting the antigenicity and immunogenicity of the compound in question.

Drug hypersensitivity includes all types of seemingly allergic reactions to drugs. More than 7% of the population could be affected by an adverse drug reaction and about 15% of them are drug hypersensitivity reactions (DHR).

The Bern-based company is a laboratory specialised in cellular tests with the main goal of analysing DHR. It also provides support and individualised in vitro tests on immunological problems related to a certain drug during all stages of development.

In the past ten years, the Swiss lab has supported and advised many companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Lilly, Roche or Novartis, among others, carrying out consulting projects, applied laboratory tests or research in various fields of interest.

The purchase of the ADR-AC lab is for Analiza the consolidation of its end-to-end medical project, which integrates the divisions of clinical analysis, pathological anatomy and medical imaging, and a further step towards consulting, research and training talent in the field of allergies and drug hypersensitivity.    

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