campaña #somosfeder

Analiza apoya la campaña #SOMOSFEDER para concienciar sobre las enfermedades raras

28 February is the World Rare Diseases Day, and Analiza has signed up to the FEDER (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases) initiative to raise awareness of the problems faced by sufferers.

A rare disease takes an average of five years for a diagnosis to be made, while ten or more years are needed for a suitable diagnosis in 20% of cases.

Whenever there is a delay in diagnosis:

  • The patient receives no support or treatment (40.9% of cases).
  • They receive unsuitable treatment (26.7% of cases).
  • Their illness worsens (26.8% of cases).

Travelling in search of diagnosis and treatment

  • Nearly 50% of patients have had to travel outside their home province in recent years due to their illness.
  • Of these, 40% travelled five or more times in search of diagnosis or treatment.
  • 17% of patients could not travel even though they needed to.

An early diagnosis can be key to preserving the quality of life of people suffering from a rare disease.

For further information about rare diseases, visit the website (in Spanish):


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