Success of the 2nd Unilab Laboratory Medicine Symposium, held in Presidente Prudente (São Paulo)

On the 19th October, the city of Presidente Prudente in the western part of São Paulo state was the setting for the Second Unilab Symposium on Laboratory Medicine. The event brought together professionals in the field and participation from Analiza’s medical advisors who brought their valuable expertise to participants.

The symposium, which took place in Unilab’s modern conference centre, was marked by an atmosphere of learning and sharing experiences. Laboratory medicine professionals, students and enthusiasts came together to discuss the most recent advances in this crucial area of medicine.

The highlights of the event were the presentations by Analiza’s medical advisors whose lectures were a real success. Dr. Gabriel Franceschi Marchiori, a Clinical Pathologist, shared his extensive expertise in the diagnosis of diseases through laboratory analyses. Dr. Bruna Ceravolo Lemos Pellegrini, a haematology specialist, talked about advances in blood analysis and the diagnosis of blood diseases. And Dr. Letícia Kolachinski Brandão, with her experience in rheumatology, provided valuable information on the role of laboratory analyses in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases.


Participants praised the quality of the presentations and the ability of Analiza’s medical advisors to transmit complex information in an accessible, appealing way.

The Second Unilab Symposium on Laboratory Medicine has been consolidated as a fundamental event for professionals and students who want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the field of laboratory medicine. As one of the sponsors and an active participant, Analiza is committed to contributing to the advancement of laboratory medicine in Brazil.

We eagerly await future editions of this symposium which promises to continue to promote the dissemination of expertise and improve the practice of laboratory medicine throughout the country.

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 Autor Andre Napoli | Dept. Personas y Cultura Analiza

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