La sociedad de diagnóstico Analiza potencia la unidad de anatomía patológica de HLA La Vega

Screening company Analiza enhances anatomy unit at HLA La Vega

  • Murcia-based hospital outfits unit with state-of-the-art technology to fully respond to patients.
  • Screening company Analiza to run this in-hospital anatomical pathology unit.
  • Unit presented to scientific community at exhibition held at Real Casino de Murcia

The screening company Analiza and the Hospital HLA La Vega have joined forces to enhance the anatomical pathology unit at the Murcia-based hospital. Over the last year, the laboratory has been outfitted to host this area featuring state-of-the-art technology. This guarantees the utmost quality both in screening and in the techniques used, which are carried out under strict and rigorous safety protocols in all areas of the laboratory. The renovated unit will now have cutting-edge equipment in its structure, which provides added value for the patient and the specialist.

Anatomical pathology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of tissues, using morphological, chemical, immunological and molecular techniques to discover the causes, development and consequences of diseases. In the words of Ignacio Fernández-Pintado, Director of Operations at Analiza, “the ability of specialists today to make a quick and accurate diagnosis to start a treatment or take clinical decisions depends largely on the response capacity of the anatomical pathology laboratory”. Having a laboratory within a hospital provides full control of the sample while also streamlining and improving communication between the specialist and the pathologist, which reduces response times. Analiza boasts a highly effective consulting service formed by expert pathologists in different specialities, guaranteeing permanent support, precision and reliability in tests, and the resolution of complex cases. This all provides the specialist with access to various tests to secure a more accurate diagnosis with the utmost guarantees.

“This unit will turn our hospital into a regional benchmark in the testing and treatment of various diseases, as our highly experienced professionals now have access to technology in the laboratory that will allow us to give a diagnosis in the shortest time possible”, says Dr Pedro Mateo, Medical Director of HLA La Vega.

Clinical session for unit launch

Analiza and HLA La Vega held an informative session titled “Contribution of the Clinical and Anatomical Pathology Laboratory to the Clinical Management of Patients” to present this new unit to the scientific community of Murcia. The event, held at the Real Casino de Murcia, was attended by healthcare specialists, heads of professional associations and university deans.

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