INTOLERANCE test: lactose , fructose, SIBO (bacterial overgrowth), sorbitol



Test that aims to detect intolerance to Sugars (Lactose, Fructose, etc) present in the usual diet, fresh food, packaged or in the excipients present in medicines.


-4 weeks before the test
No antibiotics or laxatives.
No colonoscopy, intestinal washing or contrast enema

-2 weeks before the test
Not having taken Prokinetics (Cinitapride, Domperidone, metoclopramide, etc.), not having undergone enteroscopy or gastroscopy.

-48 hours before the test takes place
No other breath test must have been taken

-24 hours before the test takes place
Do NOT eat:
–    Pulses, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, nuts, sweets, chewing gum, homemade or shop-bought sweets, onions, cabbage, bread, cereals, pasta (except white rice), carbonated or alcoholic drinks, processed sausages, milk or milk derivatives (yoghurt, cheese, etc.), smoked fish.
–    Foods that normally cause gastric or intestinal discomfort.

You CAN take:
–    Eggs (boiled, fried, etc.), meat of any origin, white or blue fish, rice, Serrano or Iberian ham.
–    White tofu 
–    Black coffee, no sugar or sweeteners.

None of the above foods may contain ONION, GARLIC, GARLIC, TOMATO or DRIED FRUIT SAUCE
You CAN ingest probiotics

-12 hours before
Fasting, you can only drink water. No strenuous physical exercise


Approximately three to four hours.


On the day of the test:
–    Take your usual medication with water, except those contraindicated by the test (antibiotics, prokinetics)
–    brush teeth WITHOUT TOOTHPASTE, rinse with mouthwash to reduce oral bacteria.
–    Avoid using denture adhesive
–    No smoking, sweets, chewing gum or exercise of any kind.
–    During the test you will not drink and will be at rest.

Tiempo de respuesta o Resultado: 

20 days

Info adicional: 

If you suffer from acute gastroenteritis during the week prior to the test, you should contact Analiza to postpone your appointment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Analiza by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 914 297 541.