General information for blood test sampling



Blood test sampling


The general blood test does not require any prior preparation by the patient.

You should fast for 8-12 hours, but you may drink as much water as desired.

Do not stop taking your regular medication, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.


The Blood Analysis Technique consists of taking a small amount of blood from a vein on the front of the arm (phlebotomy), to be distributed in the appropriate tubes according to the tests requested by your doctor.

The extraction is performed by specialised nursing staff, with experience in visualisation and access to veins.

Phlebotomy is a technique that is performed in a few minutes. Try to relax and trust the professional who performs it. Tension or nervousness can diminish the visualisation of the veins and make it difficult to draw blood.

It is very important that you follow their instructions to facilitate removal.

It is important that you inform the nurses caring for you of the medication you are taking, as well as if you are prone to dizziness.

Once the phlebotomy has been performed, it is essential that you follow the following guidelines in order to avoid bruising:

  • Do not bend your arm
  • Squeeze the cotton or cellulose at the puncture site for 3 minutes, uninterrupted, without releasing the pressure.
  • If you are taking antiplatelet drugs (aspirin) or anticoagulants (Sintrom) you should press for 5 minutes without interruption.
  • Do not pick up a bag or briefcase, etc. using the arm used for phlebotomy.
  • Do not bear weight (bags, baby, gym weights, etc.) or exert extreme effort with the arm you have offered for phlebotomy.

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