End of the Bowel Cancer Screening Campaign

This year, Analiza and Asisa have been working together again on the Bowel Cancer Prevention Programme.


During the year over 5,000 patients, aged between 50 and 69, attended our clinics for a medical examination to help speed up early detection of bowel cancer.

As a result of these campaigns, the 5-year survival rate in Spain is 64%, above the average in European countries, which is 57%.


The screening test we offer is the easy-to-use faecal occult blood test. This test, although not definitive, is the most widely used one because it is acceptable, effective and safe.


What do we know about bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer, sometimes called colon or rectal cancer, is a tumour which can develop in the large intestine over many years from a lesion known as a polyp. Although there are usually no symptoms in the initial stages, it can be associated with blood in the stools with no anal pain, changes in bowel habit over several weeks, unexplained weight loss or persistent abdominal pain.


For information on doing this test privately, patients can visit an Analiza clinic or contact our patient care department: [email protected] and [email protected]

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