anatomía patológica

Analiza expands its Anatomical Pathology network

Company started activity in anatomical pathology division in 2017, fast becoming industry benchmark.

Analiza provides consulting service to facilitate communication with specialists and precise orientation of anatomopathological studies throughout process.

The screening company has expanded its anatomical pathology network with the start of activities at the Madrid-based Hospital Beata María Ana. With a highly effective consulting service, the anatomical pathology division is directed by Dr Emilio Álvarez and formed by a panel of expert pathologists in various specialities, guaranteeing permanent support, precision and reliability in tests, and the resolution of complex cases.

The ability of specialists today to make a quick and accurate diagnosis to start a treatment or take clinical decisions depends largely on the response capacity of the anatomical pathology laboratory. Therefore, Analiza provides all the necessary tools to achieve an exact diagnosis in the shortest possible time and with the utmost quality guarantees.

Complementing the initial activity of clinical screening, Analiza has expanded its project to including the anatomical pathology division, with a flexible concept of simple implementation at hospitals and private clinics.

With four anatomical pathology laboratories located across Spain, the company analysed 13,691 samples in 2018 and hopes to quadruple this figure in 2019.

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